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We understand just how important cash flow is to a business and we only work with lenders that respect the demands that business owners face, this is why we have developed our Knowledge Centre. It contains a pool of resources and materials to help guide you through the world of business finance.

Invoice Discounting

What security is required for an invoice finance faciliity?

Any business looking to expand requires access to finance. In many instances invoice finance is the best way to secure the necessary funds to do so….
Invoice Factoring

How do you account for an invoice finance facility?


When you upload an invoice, no accounting entries need to be made. The first accounting entry needed is when you drawdown from the facility. This is effectively a short term loan…

Invoice Discounting

How invoice finance can help a recruitment agency


Discover the benefits of invoice finance for recruitment agencies and how it’s enabling the industry to drastically grow.

As any recruitment agency knows, “cash flow is king”….

Invoice Factoring

How does invoice finance work?


Are you tired of chasing outstanding payments?

Discover what benefits of having an Invoice Finance facility can do to your cashflow…

Invoice Discounting

7 different industries that can benefit from invoice finance

Wondering how invoice finance can boost your business? Read this blog to learn the distinct advantages of invoice finance in your industry.

Different industries have specific requirements, regulations, and processes.