Contact Business Finance is a commercial finance brokerage that was formed in order for business owners to get the true value from invoice finance facilities.

We understand just how important cash flow is to a business and we only work with lenders that respect the demands that business owners face.

Finance for recruiters

Invoice finance for Recruitment Agencies

The majority of temporary recruitment businesses use invoice finance as they have to pay candidates wages on a weekly basis. It might take you 14, 30 or even 60 days to get paid by your clients, but you need to pay temps every week. In order to be a successful recruitment agency, it is crucial to pay wages on time and keep your candidates happy.

Whether you are an established recruitment agency or a new start, it is important to know what invoice finance options you have. There are facilities available that also offer credit insurance, payroll and back office. Allowing you more time to concentrate on what you do best.

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Asset Finance

Invoice finance for Transport and Haulage companies

Cash flow is important in this industry as it is crucial for you to keep your vehicles on the road. This means that you need to be regularly paying for fuel, vehicle maintenance costs and drivers wages. Having an invoice finance facility would mean that you would no longer have to wait for payment from your clients, allowing you the working capital for these much needed expenses. Releasing the cash already tied up in your sales ledger could also allow you to purchase a new vehicle, or you could use asset finance.

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Finance for printers

Invoice finance for Printers

In the printing industry it often takes 90 – 120 days to get paid. If you are a printing business, you will know just how important cash flow is, as it enables you to get projects finished on time for your clients. It is also crucial to keep them printers printing and you never know when you are going to be hit with the next maintenance bill. Invoice financing allows your business the opportunity to release cash sooner from outstanding invoices and pay for supplies such as ink, card, paper so you can get orders finished efficiently and on time.

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Start Up Finance

Invoice finance for Start Ups

Invoice finance is a great weapon to have in your armoury if you are a new start business. Having the appropriate funding partner from day one is a valuable asset to have. Invoice financing can allow you more time to concentrate on growing the business and take on more work without having to think of when the next payment is coming in.

There is a saying that 50% of new business fail within their first year – this is wrong. It actually takes 5 years for 50% of these businesses to fail. Approximately 82% of these business failures is down to cash flow problems.

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Engineering Finance

Invoice finance for Manufacturing and Engineering companies

It is vital for any business within this sector to have consistent cash flow. If you do not pay suppliers on time, this can have a huge impact on your business as this can leave you without the materials needed for your production line.

Invoice financing allows you to negotiate with suppliers and potentially get a discount if you pay them sooner. This can sometimes cover the cost of an invoice finance facility itself as suppliers are always keen on getting paid sooner to improve their own cash flow position.

If you deal with some of the bigger companies within this industry, you will no doubt be aware that they often dictate the terms. Unfortunately, they often have extended payment terms and even then, do not pay on time. Having an invoice finance facility can allow you to take on such orders from the bigger companies and no longer have to worry about them paying after 60 / 90 days.

Finance for construction companies

Invoice finance for Construction companies

In the world of construction, cash is not king – cash flow is. It quite often takes longer to get paid in the construction industry than any other. Having an invoice finance facility can help release pressure as you no longer have to wait to be paid before you move onto the next job.

Not all lenders like this industry. This is because the paper trail behind the invoices is sometimes contractual and a client can often dispute an invoice. There are also more insolvencies in this sector than any other. When choosing an invoice finance facility for your construction business, it is important that you work with a lender that understands your funding requirements and the everyday dilemmas you can often face.

Finance for Wholesalers

Invoice finance for Wholesalers

In the wholesale industry, it is important to buy goods at the right time. Your business might come across a certain product that you can get a discount on and you need enough working capital to pay for such stock. Having an invoice finance facility allows you to release the cash from outstanding invoices so that you can have that much needed cash injection to pay for goods when required.

Quite often, an invoice finance facility will pay for itself within this industry. This is because if you have the working capital available to pay for stock upfront, you can often negotiate very good discounts with suppliers, as they are also dependent on cash flow.

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